If your company is interested in launching an application or a successful case on the market, take advantage of this event to announce innovative developments and products and study cases of your company. Send us your proposal before the 30th November 2017 on the email: info@plasticsarefuture.com with the following data:

1. Name of the presentation (in capital letters)

2. Author/s (name and surnames)

3. Company you belong to

4. Telephone

5. Email address

6. Abstract of 100 words

The final programme will be announced soon. If you want us to send you the agenda, ask for it: info@plasticsarefuture.com


Among the different activities organized, a poster session on new scientific projects developed during the last four years in any of the subjects to be discussed in the conference.

Proposals must be submitted until 15th March 2018 with the following data:

• Title of the idea
• Abstract of the project (max 10 lines)
• Project application

Submit your proposal to info@plasticsarefuture.com The participation cost is the same as the registration (associated company fee). Only one poster per registration.



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