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The 20th century has seen how plastics were born, how they have incredibly grown and how they have extended their application fields up to levels never expected. Nowadays, plastic materials are mostly in all the economic activity fields and we cannot understand the modern society without their presence.

But new generations of plastics come knocking. The 21st century will be undoubtedly the plastics century; new challenges are raising and materials must be working for the needs of our society: the cars of the future, the new energy sources, the intelligent and high-protection packagings, the respect for environment, the curing of mortal diseases, the challenge of sustainable production, among others. All this involves a constant and endless evolution of materials.

From this forum we are intended to address, in a practical way, what is coming, those materials that soon are going to make our lives easier.



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PLASTICS ARE FUTURE 2016. Prestaciones avanzadas: Materiales plásticos para el futuro. Seminario Internacional 2016.

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