» Exploring the polymeric materials to come is really important in order to develop new market strategies medium to long term.

» Sharing new and near realities in plastic materials must be a breeding ground that inspires the creation of new start-up and small technology-based companies.

» The awareness of investing in a near future is so important, as well as to bet on new solutions that innovation in materials is proposing.

» Being a bridge between different sector realities. The result of this cannot be other than the enrichment of new ideas and opportunities.

» Increasing the knowledge in innovative materials is an essential objective to predict the market opportunities. Intelligent nanomaterials, sensors, supermaterials for extreme applications, new-generation foams, aerogels, form-memory materials, biomaterials with active properties and many other possibilities in polymers will be the protagonists on this event.



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PLASTICS ARE FUTURE 2018. Prestaciones avanzadas: Materiales plásticos para el futuro. Seminario Internacional 2018.
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